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Universe of Modern Procurement

The procurement profession has moved on in recent years, as have many other specialist disciplines. The terms ‘strategic sourcing’ and ‘organizational alignment’ are frequently misapplied and bandied about to stay 'on message'. A few well-chosen questions can reveal whether their usage holds any substance. 

In this webinar, we explored the new Universe of Modern Procurement and its constituent parts. Some are modern extensions of their forefathers while others have no ancestral connections. Our goal is to help you identify, in terms of procurement capability, where you’re falling short …and where you're not, as an individual and as part of a team.

You will learn:

  • The dimensions of the procurement function have moved to a new universe
  • Do you know where it’s moved to? …and…Have you moved with it?
  • There are now 50 components of leading edge procurement capability
  • The distinction between what you need in terms of modern procurement capability and what your collective team needs