10 Steps to Unlock the Power of Procurement

In recent years, procurement professionals have witnessed dramatic changes to the procurement and supplier management function. Today’s business environment demands that procurement play a more strategic role in the organization with an emphasis on “unlocking the power of procurement” in order to meet the current—and future needs—of the business, stakeholders, customers and yes, even the suppliers.

Moving from good to great “unlocked procurement” requires a significant shift in the optimization of resources, more focus on the supply markets and developing a more opportunistic attitude to secure valuable business outcomes. It is a movement that brings forth greater procurement value contribution with significant business impacts when done well.   

You will learn: 

  • Why conventional procurement is dead?
  • What are the top challenges driving the need for strategic procurement?
  • Why your suppliers need to be at the center of your procurement process?
  • How companies today are going from good to great strategic procurement by leveraging an integrated, collaborative procurement platform?


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