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Putting Suppliers at the Center of Your Organization

Historically, procurement has tended to look at two linked but separate process cycles - the category management process and the purchase-to-pay process. But when we think about how we can achieve competitive advantage in our organisations, it is clear that suppliers must be at the heart of this.

So there is a strong argument for looking at what we call the supplier lifecycle process and management of that lifecycle. That incorporates everything from supplier onboarding to performance management and supplier-driven innovation.

In this webinar, we look at the strong argument for using what we call the supplier lifecycle process and management of that lifecycle. Study everything from supplier on-boarding to performance management and supplier-driven innovation. Learn how the different elements fit together and how this  can change procurement processes, activities and thinking.

You will learn:

  • Understanding the role of suppliers
  • Creating competitive advantage
  • Supplier lifecycle management versus traditional approaches
  • The elements of SLM
  • What does this mean in practice; key take-aways

Presented by Peter Smith, Managing Director & Editor, Spend Matters.


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