Remove chaos from supplier relationship communications

5 Steps to Improve Communication with Procurement Suppliers & Stakeholders

Procurement teams are under more stress than ever and are looking at Supplier Relationship Management as an opportunity to drive improved results in their procurement organizations and with stakeholders.  Budgets and employees are stretched to capacity, forcing everyone to move quickly and be laser-focused on the urgent. Unfortunately, this tunnel vision often causes procurement and strategic sourcing teams to miss early warning signs of major problems with suppliers, customers and stakeholders.

Supplier Relationship Management Communications Add Value

The results may include lack of visibility in procurement, business impacts and stakeholder dissatisfaction. Everyone is moving so quickly that they tend to forget communication is one of the core business tenants.

In our procurement whitepaper, you will learn:

  • Communication triggers that indicate it is time to start or renew communications to improve supplier enablement and procurement stakeholder awareness
  • Five steps to guide your procurement process and overcome communication roadblocks
  • Potential benefits when improving your suppliers and colleague communications and relationships

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