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    21 Dec 2017
    | 5 min read

    Procurement Unplugged Q&A: Delivering Value, Not Just Savings!

    During the latest and final webinar in the 2017 BravoSolution Real World Procurement Series “Delivering Value (Not Just ...

    05 Dec 2017
    | 4 min read

    Procurement Planning for 2018

    During the latest BravoSolution Real World Procurement Series webinar focused on “Procurement Planning for 2018,” Guy Al...

    15 Nov 2017
    | 3 min read

    Achieving Digital Transformation & Why Procurement Needs to Invest Now

    Did you know that companies devote an average of 16 full-time staff to the sourcing process for every $1 billion in spen...

    17 Oct 2017
    | 4 min read

    Expert Answers for Achieving Strategic Cost Management

    Strategic cost management requires organizations to think systematically about the sources of cost, identify non-value a...

    26 Sep 2017
    | 4 min read

    Supplier Relationship & Value Management

    Managing suppliers and deriving value from those relationships is one of the critical strategies required in every procu...

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