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Planets of Value | Procurement Creates New Wealth for Organizations

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Once upon a time there was price, and little else. Then we woke up and started thinking outside the usual 9 dots and discovered a few new sources of value, from new types of conversations with suppliers.

  • We ask ourselves, “Price, Cost, Value, they’re basically the same thing, aren’t they?”
  • What are their distinguishing features?
  • What will they be in 5 years’ time?
  • The birth of the 17 ‘planets of value' explain this new universe
  • An opportunity for you to reflect and determine which planet you’re on!

In this webinar, Principal, Procurement Advisory Services, Craig Lardner, looks at how the definition of 'value' has changed in recent times.

Craig will highlight what, in history, was right and relevant, and what may have misled the marketplace on the role of procurement and the responsibilities of the function.

In this session we will consider whether these misunderstandings are acting as a burden and handbrake to create effective change through our efforts to modernize the function. We will share what we now understand are the 17 Planets of Value and consider how comprehensive they are.

The key differences in some of the planets will be highlighted between private sector and public sector. More are the same, than are different. We will test a myth on these ‘differences’.

You will leave this session asking yourself 3 key questions:

  1. Am I truly exploring all the new planets of value for my organization?
  2. Or, am I stuck in history and perpetuating the misunderstanding of our profession?
  3. If I'm not 'stuck', then what actions could I take to ensure full value, in all its forms, comes to my organization, from my efforts?

Presented by Craig Lardner