Procurement Suite RFP Stress Free

Free Toolkit (includes Whitepaper + RFP Template)

Make Your Procurement Suite RFP Stress-Free

Finding the right procurement suite may seem like a simple task at first. However, the decision of choosing the right technology will have a significant impact your company’s bottom line, so you need to ensure that you're making the best informed decision.


Our free toolkit has been designed to help make your procurement suite RFP stress free. It includes a whitepaper filled with top tips on how to find the right procurement suite to meet the organisation’s strategic goals. You can also download an RFP template (in MS Excel) which provides a helpful checklist of the eight key areas to consider when looking for a procurement suite provider. 

Download the toolkit to learn:

  • What early questions to ask when evaluating procurement suite vendors
  • How to review service providers solution delivery, service backups and credentials
  • What to expect during service installation, data transfer & ERP integration
  • What technical considerations and standards meet your organisation long-term needs