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26 September 2017 | Live Webinar with Q&A

Supplier Relationship and Value Management: Does your organisation have what it takes?

There’s no point designing an SRM programme if your organisation lacks the competency to deliver it. Equally, simply training people without an agreed SRM method or strategy is a route to wasting your precious training budget. In this webinar, Four Pillars’ David Atkinson lays-out the skills necessary for effective SRM strategy development, the cross-functional creation of relationship strategies, and for supplier engagement that delivers real value to the buying organisation.

Webinar participants will be able to benchmark their current skills, and identify their future development needs.

Key Topics of the Webinar:

  • An understanding of the processes involved in deploying SRM, and the competency requirements that are essential for Procurement credibility and success.
  • A checklist of skills that apply to each stage of deployment, from programme development, through to effective supplier engagement.
  • An appreciation of the need to assign priorities to SRM leadership, process design skills, the creation of compelling value propositions to stakeholder that ensure their enthusiastic participation, and the necessary basics that secure supplier commitment to your SRM value improvement goals. 


[fa icon="plus-square"] What time are the webinars?

We will be running two webinars on the day.

The first webinar will be held at 12.00 GMT+1.

The second webinar will be held at 14.00 EDT.

[fa icon="plus-square"] What others say about the series

"The series of briefings was highly relevant, pitched at the right level, with great collateral provided!"

- Procurement Director


"I wanted to congratulate BravoSolution for a fantastic series of highly informative briefings. I really can't recall anything better that has scored highly across all criteria, and I have attended many of the years!"

 - Head of Procurement


"I've been able to apply new found knowledge from the series immediately in my workplace which has helped me to make measurable performance improvements for the team. From a personal perspective, I've reaffirmed and built upon academic foundations as I was in my final year studying towards MCIPS."

- Category Management


David Atkinson

Founder & Managing Director, Four Pillars 

David Atkinson, as founder and Managing Director of Four Pillars, is a consultant, trainer, lecturer and coach/mentor in the areas of Strategic Change, Procurement Transformation, Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), Category Management, Strategic Account Management (SAM), and Negotiation.

With over thirty years in and around the procurement profession, he brings deep experience and pragmatism to organisations seeking to implement strategic change, and increase value for money through more effective procurement & supplier management.



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