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Recorded 28 February 2017 

Is An Integrated Source to Pay Solution Right for You?

In this on-demand webinar, procurement expert Peter Smith,  explains exactly what is meant by 'Source to Pay' software and looks at why it is gaining more traction in the industry. He also discusses how it compares to other approaches  (particularly “best of breed” strategies) as well as assessing the options for implementation.


Key Topics of the Webinar: 

  • Understand the different elements of source to pay – what is always included, what might be included when providers use the expression
  • Identify the benefits of the source to pay approach; and be clear which come from the different elements of the process and which from the integrated nature itself
  • Compare source to pay with other software strategies, understand the pros and cons of each approach
  • Understand the options in terms of implementing an S2P approach 

The recording also includes the Q&A session we held, which included questions such as:

  • Is S2P an option for organisation with lower maturity in the procurement area?
  • Is there a threshold for the size of company or size of spend when an S2P system would be of benefit?
  • There are various software providers offering source to pay, how do we choose the best?


Peter Smith

Editor, Spend Matters UK/Europe // Managing Director, Procurement Excellence Ltd.

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