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Recorded 28 March 2017 

Innovative Data Leveraging for Procurement Analysis

This webinar will explore the types of problems and questions faced by procurement executives that can benefit most through the application of analytical solutions (e.g. innovation, strategic cost management, risk mitigation, etc.). In addition, we will cover the different forms of cognitive solutions that are emerging to drive real-time decision-making and predictive sourcing capabilities. 

Key Topics of the Webinar: 

  • Asking the right research question that leads to the right analytical insights.
  • Embedded procurement solutions.
  • Combining spend management with other sources of data.
  • Working with new sources of data to support supplier analytics, technology trends, and risk metrics (e.g. social media, open source data, etc).
  • Introduce the concept of “innovative data leveraging” as a core dimension for building capability in analytics.


Robert Handfield

Executive Director of the Supply Chain Resource Co-Operative // Bank of America University Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management

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