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28 March 2017 | Live Webinar with Q&A

Innovative Data Leveraging for Procurement Analysis

Procurement professionals are constantly being told to drive transformation within the function - to become a more strategic function and to influence wider business decisions within the organisation. Yet, a lot of these professionals are falling short in their efforts.

Dr Handfield's research points to one key culprit - a lack of critical data analysis and insight. Fundamentally, data analysis is challenging (even more so with the added pressures of time and resource constraints) and without that valuable insight, procurement will struggle to influence stakeholders, justify initiatives and demonstrate their long-term value to the wider organisation. All of which are key to transforming procurement!


In this webinar, Dr Handfield will examine the key issues faced by procurement and provide recommendations for using data and analytics to help Procurement drive greater enterprise-wide value. Central to this will be the concept of 'Innovative Data Leveraging', a process which uses a fact-based, data-driven approach to driving change and influencing stakeholders to create procurement value for the business. 


Key Topics of the Webinar: 

  • Asking the right research question that leads to the right analytical insights.
  • Embedded procurement solutions
  • Combining spend management with other sources of data
  • Working with new sources of data to support supplier analytics, technology trends, and risk metrics (e.g. social media, open source data, etc)
  • Introduce the concept of “innovative data leveraging” as a core dimension for building capability in analytics


[fa icon="plus-square"] What time are the webinars?

We will be running two webinars on the day.

The first webinar will be held at 12.00 GMT+1.

The second webinar will be held at 14.00 EDT.

[fa icon="plus-square"] What others say about the series

"The series of briefings was highly relevant, pitched at the right level, with great collateral provided!"

- Procurement Director


"I wanted to congratulate BravoSolution for a fantastic series of highly informative briefings. I really can't recall anything better that has scored highly across all criteria, and I have attended many of the years!"

 - Head of Procurement


"I've been able to apply new found knowledge from the series immediately in my workplace which has helped me to make measurable performance improvements for the team. From a personal perspective, I've reaffirmed and built upon academic foundations as I was in my final year studying towards MCIPS."

- Category Management


Robert Handfield

Executive Director of the Supply Chain Resource Co-Operative // Bank of America University Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management

Robert Handfield is the Consulting Editor of the Journal of Operations Management, one of the leading supply chain management journals in the field, and is the author of several books on supply chain management. He recently led a global study on Global Logistics Trends and Strategies for BVL International in 2013, as well as a report entitled Future Buy: The Future of Procurement published by KPMG.

Handfield has consulted with over 25 Fortune 500 companies and published more than 100 articles in top management journals. His work has been cited in over 23,000 publications according to Google Scholar.



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